Sunday, September 13, 2009

Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon...

I had read one other book by this author called "Your Remind Me of Me" and remember liking it and that it was quite different. I would say the same thing about this book. It was good and interesting, but a bit different. The book has three different stories going on at the same time. As I read I wasn't sure how the three stories were connected, but I can guarantee you that they all come together at the end. In a BIG way! One story is about a brother looking for his brother who is ill. The second story is about a young girl that leaves town with her professor only to find out he might not appear to be what she thought. The third story is about a college boy who leaves school and hit the road with his uncle who he just found out was his father. The stories all relate to one's identity and how they fit into the world. Things can get complex at times so read carefully. He is a great writer and certainly has unique ideas.

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