Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blame by Michelle Huneven

As with many of the books I read, if I see it written up with a positive review in more than one place I will go and pick it up. This was a quick and enjoyable read. I read it in about a week. It is just under 300 pages. It is the story of a young college professor named Patsy who is an alcoholic. She is hanging out with a friend named Brice who also has issues with alcohol. She has been in a jail several times and just isn't making much of her life. One morning she awakes in jail only to find out she has hit a mother and daughter with her car and they are dead. She remembers nothing and ends up going to prison for this incredible crime. While in prison she changes her life for the better and learns she needs to get herself together. The story continues as she meets the husband of the woman she killed. Theirs is a story of forgiveness and understanding. Patsy continues her life as she is released from prison. She meets many interesting people and interesting things happen to Patsy. Years after the crimes, she learns a shocking truth about her past. Like I said, I enjoyed the story. I thought some parts in the middle went a bit slow for me, but then things sped up as you head toward the end of the story. Another great read!

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