Sunday, November 8, 2009

In a Perfect World by Laura Kasischke

I found this book on a display at Borders. I was drawn to it by the cover and it had some great comments by readers. I picked it up and read it in about a week's time. It was a different type of fiction story, but overall I enjoyed it. It is about a woman named Jiselle who marries Mark Dorn who is a single father of three. He is a pilot. The story is set in future years I believe and there is a flu that is spreading called the "Phoenix Flu". It is starting to kill people and the worry and panic is starting to spread throughout the United States. Mark gets stranded in Germany because of this "virus" which leaves Jiselle to raise and take care of his three children. As I read it, some parts to me seemed to be a bit like science fiction, but overall I would say this book is fiction. It was about the survival of people during a national crisis and the relationship that can build between people when then are doing everything they can to survive.

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