Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

I ended the 2009 school year and kicked off summer with a great read. Her first book is called "Sharp Objects" which I haven't' read, but plan to this summer. This was a great read. It is a bit dark at times as far as theme goes, but I just remind myself that it is fiction. It is the story of Libby who is an adult dealing with a family tragedy the occurred when she was seven years old. Her older brother Ben is in prison for this tragedy, but Libby isn't so sure that he is responsible. She begins a quest to find out what truly happened that night in her family's home. The story takes her to many dark places, but she needs to go to these places in order to get to the bottom of what happened. The book alternates chapters between Libby as a grown woman and her family members on the days surrounding the tragedy. This type of format really worked well for this book. I don't think any reader will be disappointed in this story. Again, it is a little on the dark side with dysfunctional characters, but what good fiction book doesn't have that?

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