Thursday, June 11, 2009

Push by Sapphire

I saw that this book "Push" was going to be a movie coming out in the fall of 2009. The movie version is called "Precious". The movie looked interesting so I decided to go and buy the book and see what it was about. I read the book during one Saturday afternoon. It is only about 139 pages. It is the story of Precious who is an overweight black girl that has everything against her. It was a tough read at times, but I did enjoy the story because it shows how one person can rise above hardships and be better for it in the end. Precious had one teacher in her life that believed in her and that is all she needed to pull herself out of a very bad situation, move forward, and make a better life for herself. This book is very real, very raw, and full of disturbing images. It is well written and I know everyone will be on Precious' side for her to dream bigger and be more than the people around her are treating her. It might be because I'm a teacher, but it was a motivating story despite all of the dysfunction and horrible things in her life. I look forward to the movie this fall.

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